NAME Bentley Francis Clarke
DOB February 11th, 1991
AGE 26

SEXUALITY Asexual Heteroromantic

LIVES IN Park Slope, Brooklyn
FROM Astoria, Queens
OCCUPATION Stay-at-Home Dad; Freelance Artist; Aspiring Comedian

Elowyn Collins Clarke
Fox Clarke
Max Dudash (Nephew, 4)
Harper Dudash (Niece, 4)
Bowie (English Bulldog)
Dwayne "Tortellini" Johnson (Russian Tortoise)
Axl Rose (Axolotl)
Ally Clarke (Mother)
Mark Reisher (Father)
Bobby Clarke (Step-Father)
Lisa Dudash (Half-Sister)
Harley Clarke (Half-Sister)
David Reisher (Half-Brother)
Claire Reisher (Half-Sister)


PB Dane DeHaan
PREFERRED third person storybook thread
CONTACT via ooc post
Bobby and Ally Clarke left behind the Elmhurst Hospital maternity ward for the third and last time on the crisp Valentine's eve of 1991, their only son in tow and two conflicting thoughts on the state of their marriage.

Bobby Clarke, a simple man with little more to boast than a high school diploma and two daughters who looked at him like he were Santa-fucking-Claus and Jon Bon Jovi all rolled into one, believed Bentley to be the change in bitter misery that choked Ally Clarke's eyes where love had once endured. His wife, resourceful if not exploitative, considered Bobby simply more convenient than the Man in Blue whom she knew to be Bentley's biological father.

Shy of three years old, the truth came pouring out of her like water from a dam. Bobby faded therewithal from Bentley's life, and Ally fought for harmony, between demanding hours at the hospital and maintaining the lifestyle of her three kids. Lisa, seven now, became the acting matriarch - took to her throne, in fact, perhaps too eagerly. (She is both a resented and governing role in Bentley's life to-date.)

If one thing resonated among Bentley's peers, it was the oft-posed question, Where in the hell was he, anyway? Insufficiently stimulated, that's where. And what more companionship could one person afford than two best friends? What of the mythical girlfriend?

Of course one might have argued Bobby's inclination to show up every few years with a new wife and empty promises scored Bentley his own place on the Wall of Crippling Sense of Abandonment Fame. One might have argued.

And been right.

Bentley himself blamed his askew relationship with both his parents, and theirs with each other, for his deficit in meaningful relationships with girls. How does one get a girlfriend? Why? he wondered intermittently. By fourteen, nothing short of magic, he had landed one, and ditched her, in the span of 12-odd mortifying hours. And so the question had become, why was it dating made about as much sense as quantum mechanics?

By eighteen, Graphic Design held its allure for Bentley where No Child Left Behind had crushed his appetite for classroom learning. He narrowly came out the end of a short semester of Gen Ed before dropping out, to focus on introspecting How To Achieve Fulfillment and semi-panicking while his life slipped from beneath him.

He works currently full-time for Barnes & Noble up in Brooklyn Heights, where he has braved the corporate ladder for four years, and come out the top as management in their faux-Starbucks. Not ironically, he delights in record-keeping, and otherwise endures customer service. For two years, he has shared a modest 3-bedroom apartment in Bushwick with his greatest and oldest friends.